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100 years of conflict
Through my eyes picture of digger
The service and sacrifice of Australia's veterans over the past 100 years, as seen through the eyes of those who served.
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The great search stories
A story from the Boer War
My kingdom for a horse
In every conflict involving Australians, there are stories of bravery and mates helping mates. But the unsung hero of the Boer War is the mate who served unquestioningly and without whom victory would have been impossible the horse.

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Photo of Private Victor Jones of the first Queensland Mounted Infantry

On ABC April 25 - May 27 2001


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war games
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Every minute is precious and every step dangerous. Your job is to crack the code, go behind enemy lines and rescue the hostages. But be careful, whatever mission you choose, army, navy or airforce, the enemy is expecting you.

Aptitude test
Aptitude test aptitude test

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